How To Increase Your Bodybuilding Training Intensity

bodybuilding training intensity

It is very important to train intensely because this is the only guaranteed way to achieve muscle gain. When you are in the gym you need to workout up to the point where your muscles reach muscle overload. As soon as the muscles reach this point they are now ready to start growing.

1. Prepare yourself mentally

You need to prepare yourself mentally to experience some pain. In bodybuilding you need to expect pain because there can be no gain without pain. The problem nowadays is that many people are pleasure seekers and go out of there way to avoid pain. Ever since we were kids we were taught to monish pain by taking an arsenal of pain killers. However if you are not ready to take in the pain of intense training, you will fail in your bodybuilding career.

If you have just taken bodybuilding as a sport, do not give up because of the initial pain you experience after hours of intense training. As you progress the mind naturally adopts to the pain and you start to enjoy the pain.

2. Brain over brawn

In order for your mind to start relishing the pain of intense training you require three ingredients: Constant effort, Continuous exposure, and Great determination to succeed.

Training has to be supplemented with brain input for it to yield the necessary results. After months of intense training it is only natural to experience muscle burn and muscle fatigue. They soon become part of your lifestyle and act as a barometer in the future to judge whether you have undergone intense training.

3. Relish the pain zone

The moment you turn the pain into ecstasy you will have solved your feelings of self doubt and fear. Once you are able to master your fear there is nothing which can prevent you from achieving your goals both in bodybuilding and other areas of life.

4. Memories

The major reason why many people avoid pain is due to past painful experiences. There is a common saying which says a person is not capable of enjoying pleasure if they have not undergone any pain. Therefore even if you experienced a painful experience when you were undertaking intense training, you should use such memories to motivate you the next time you are in the gym.

5. Start with some warm up exercises

The best way to stimulate the muscles to be able to withstand intense training is through warming up. This is because warm up exercises helps increase the body temperature and metabolism. This warm up exercises should be done for at least ten minutes for them to be effective in jump starting the metabolic process. A bodybuilder also needs to ensure that they undertake light stretching exercises fifteen minutes before the actual workout. This is very important because it increases the flexibility of the trainer. Flexibility is a very important factor when it comes to reducing gym injuries.

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