Acute Injuries Depicting A Bodybuilder’s Nightmare

bodybuilding injury

From aching body joints, stiff backbones to sore muscles, bodybuilders are always complaining of injuries and impairments that shadow their gym lives. Injuries are second to normalcy to any bodybuilder or athlete though more prevalent to those who are in full bodybuilding excursions, due to that psychological or physical stress that has been placed upon the body. Injuries cannot be just wished away and might cost one the gains one has labored, by missing work outs, lack of sleep as well as ending that promising career. It is thus paramount to be aware of the different injuries that one at a specific period in the order of training experience or be inflicted with.

Injuries are very widespread and a lot. Tendonitis is one type of injuries which reflects the inflammation of ones tendons which connect the body muscles to the bone. Strain is the overstretching or the over use of the body muscles and is one of the most common injuries. Another common injury is a sprain, which is the over-stretching of a ligament that connects two clear bones. Bursitis is also a common injury occurring on body’s bursa sack, the platform which serves more as a pad in between muscles and specific bones. In addition, avulsion represents the eventual tear of a specific muscle, along a typical junction occurring between a tendon and its muscle, while a contusion is a bruise that has been effected by an impact during the training process. A fracture is the breakage of bones or bone, which could be partial breakage, complete or simply from a compression.

The above are just injuries in their entirety, but there are common injuries that should be recognized by all bodybuilders. Neck injuries is a very common injury, which results from severe stresses being applied on the neck muscle and occur after a shoulder shrug or an acute squat. Also, pectoral tears are also types of injuries which are as a result of tearing or avulsion along the tendon which connects the pectoralis of the humerous. This injury is quite common among bodybuilders who abuse anabolic steroids. Any minor tear is very painful and might represent a minimal bruise. A full tear results in the balling of body muscles along the sternum, inhibiting a huge bruise.

On the other hand, the sprains or back strains are injuries manifested by an excruciating pain evident at the center ones lower back and along the tip of the gluteal muscles. They can also be manifested along the para-spinal muscles. Mostly, these injuries result from the lifting of much heavy weights or even a poor way in doing squats or the taxing dead-lifts. Knee stains or sprains are also afflicted by injuries that include a meniscal tear, ACL tears, patellar tendonitis or bursitis. They are well depicted by an incisive pain through the line of the joint on the knee, closer behind it or even below a knee cap running through the tendon of the patellar.

By understanding the injury menu, one can then strive to work out smart and even evade a painful honeymoon.

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