5 Common Mistakes Made In Bodybuilding Diets

common mistakes in bodybuilding diets

Experience has shown that most people are not very aware of what they are supposed to do when they are on a diet; specifically for the purpose of bodybuilding. It is for this reason that most people are very ready to always quit on a diet hastily even before they know what they were doing wrong. This article will highlight five mistakes that will usually give negative results. If you are able to overcome these you are bound to enjoy success with your diet regimen.

1.Adopting a generalized view of a certain diet.
Just because Dorian Yates has decided on a particular diet it does not mean that Ronnie Coleman will get the same benefits if he decides on the same diet. There is a need to make the diet personal. It is what will work for you that counts. How can you make it personal? Quite simple, make records of the various foods that you eat and their effect on your body. From this data you will be able to make meaningful inferences as to what you should add or reduce in the diet.

2.Placing too much hope on supplements
Supplements are not meant to be used as a type food on their own but rather they should be used to complement the diet. Athletes have been known to use chromium and carnitine in an effort to reduce the body fat but in doing so they forget to reduce the consumption of low fat calories. Others are quick to use creatine or glutamine but they forget to use enough protein calories so as to bring that positive nitrogen balance.

3.Being wholly dependent on canned salmon and tuna
There are a lot of various healthy foods and diets that you can embark on rather than constantly eating canned tuna and so on. Doing this is very counterproductive even from the mental point of view. You are bound to get disoriented and bored just by taking one type of meal on a day to day basis. The diet should be fun to begin with. It should motivate you to eat healthy daily. The last thing you would want is to make the diet a stumbling block.

4.The danger of cutting off all types of fat
There is some sense in removing all types of fat from your diet at least as far as reducing your body fat content is concerned. This is not advisable though because fats are very important in the body. Lack of diets per se will retard your growth and will also impact negatively on your metabolism. Ensure that your meals contain some fatty acids especially from chicken and fish.

5.The tendency to make wholesale diet alterations
When starting on a diet you should resist the urge to make drastic changes in the calories that you are consuming. If you cut out too much at once the body might resort to hoarding fat. On the other hand, increasing the calories by a large amount will activate fat storage.