Bodybuilding Training Guides: Jettison Technique

jettison technique

Q: What is the Jettison technique and how can I make use of it in my workouts?

A: The Jettison technique is a way of upping the intensity stakes of a work-out by making use of rubber expander cables – you know the ones that real bodybuilders wouldn’t be caught dead using. Well, here’s a way that they can not only use them, but actually benefit from them. The best ones to use are the Lifeline Gym power cables from Lifeline USA. The Lifeline system allows you to generate up to 225 pounds of resistance through a color coded band system and to increase that intensity even further by flicking the ends of the cable around the plastic bar provided.

You are going to do an exercise with a barbell and the rubber cable at the same time. Let’s take the curl as an example. Load up the bar with 75 % of the weight that you’d normally use for 8 reps. Place the collars on and then slip a couple of 2.5 pound plates on after them. Now get a rubber cable set up so that when you pick up the bar you’ve already got the cable handles in hand, ready to go. Now start cranking out the reps. Keep going until you reach the point of failure – you should manage about 7 reps. Now ditch the cables and keep going for a further 3 or 4 reps. When you reach failure this time, drop the bar and slide the 2.5 pounders off. Pick the bar straight up again and see if you can eke out a final, agonizing 2 or 3 reps.

Jettison training works best with exercises that limit the range of motion to below the chin. Movements like curls, upright rows, push downs and seated rowing are ideal candidates. With a little innovation, however, you can adapt the technique to virtually any movement in the gym.

Keep in mind that the Jettison technique is an advanced intensity tool that should be used sparingly. Do not use them on every set or you will quickly push yourself into an over trained state. Once per week on the last set of your last exercise for a particular body part is all you need with this one.

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