Details On The Anabolic Mesobolin

details on the anabolic mesobolin

Q: Dude, Mesobolin is OFF THE HOOK! What makes it work so damned well? It’s truly like a ‘roid. I know people say that about other stuff, but I am not peddling it and have nothing to gain by saying it. It’s just the most amazing legal shit I’ve taken ever! I shouldn’t care what makes it work, but what is it?

A: You and the Guru knew the truth – you just don’t know why it works. Duchain did. Duchaine discovered this stuff just before he died. It’s actually two Russian ‘scrip anabolic steroids and two Hungarian ones. It’s just not on the DEA hitlist yet. The first is Russian Turkesterone, which is the most powerful plant based ecdysterone you can find. It stimulates protein synthesis like no other over the counter, legal supplement, as you’ve seen. Since that’s the principle action of AAS, it’s really doing what AAS does without all of the sides and legally. The most potent of the two Hungarian agents in Mesobolin is so powerful, it’s also worth discussing. It’s called Chinoin. It’s got 5-methoxy-isoflavone and 7-ipriflavone that work as nutrition partitioners (what you eat immediately gets shuttled to repair, recovery and development of muscles). It also blocks estrogen, which is important whenever you introduce any agent that is anabolic. Remember, your body doesn’t know if it’s legal or illegal, it’s just anabolic, so this is powerful protection against aromatizing. In fact, I suggest you take Mesobolin once during a cycle, too. I’d usually recommend it as a great in between cycle supplement because it keeps the action going and “let’s you down gently” while still allowing you to build muscle. It’s one of the only supplements that preserve calcium in muscle cells, despite grueling normally calcium-depleting workouts. You’ll also probably notice that it removes lactic acid a LOT faster than other supplements, which lets you train more effectively and heavier, with greater recovery between sets. This allows better intensity.