Body Building Training Techniques

body building training techniques

There are a number of body building techniques that will result in faster muscle growth. These are techniques that have over the years proven to be of great benefit.

1.Split training

This in simple terms is dividing the various exercises or workouts into the various muscle groups which they work. Then you can divide your different workout sessions based on these categories. E.g. the upper body and the lower body. The advantage of split training is that you don’t have to work out the whole body in one session. Doing so may end up as over training which in itself has adverse effect like excessive soreness and even injury. This reduces the pressure on the body builder. He can efficiently work out his entire body in a number of sessions which yields better results than rushing through the sets.

2. Circuit training

This is rapid movement from one workout equipment to the next set after completion of the first. You are required to do a number of sets at the first station, preferably 2-3 sets, and then move to the next stations. It is advised to have between 6-12 stations. It works out the whole body and also works as an effective cardio workout. This is because circuit training raises your increases your pulse rate and keeps the heart pumping fast. You are required to vary the duration of the various sets, the rest periods between sets and circuits and the speed and intensity of each station. This is done to ensure that you don’t over work your body.

It allows people of different fitness levels to work out together in synchrony. This provides extra motivation especially to beginners as they work alongside pros. After a number of sessions of circuit training, the body becomes well toned. It’s in itself, as earlier mentioned, a form of cardiovascular exercise. Thus circuit training eliminates the need to do cardio work outs. It has also proven to be of great effect in loosing fat. A high number of calories and fats are burned during these sessions.

3.Partial training

This is basically doing workouts with partial ranges of motion. It gives your muscles that extra boost to grow within a relatively short period of time. For partial training, weights are mainly used and machines are preferred over free weights. It uses resistance to work out your muscles. When lifting weights, don’t be in a hurry. Take time to lift it, by rushing you use momentum to boost you. When you slow down however, it is purely muscle doing all the work. The same applies when you’re lowering it. Take time to do it. You will feel like your using a heavier weight than the one your accustomed to while in essence you’re just working your muscles more.

While all these techniques are effective for building muscles and toning your body, it is important to appreciate the process. It won’t all happen over night just because you’re doing them right or over doing them. Give your body time to shape up, grow and develop new muscles.

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