Overtraining – How It Affects Your Hormones, Performance & Overall Muscle Quality


There have been approaches being taken by different body builders. Some of them have been productive while others have brought havoc in the profession. Many articles have been written to instruct body builders on the best way of training and there have been very many measures put in place to ensure that this is done in the proper manner and practiced effectively. However, there are still body builders who risk their lives in the pursuit of better results and this article is therefore a reminder of proper body building and how it should be carried out.

Overtraining is one of the worst experiences for your muscles and it should be totally avoided. But many people still do not know how to handle this and they have been met by negative consequences of the same. It is very possible to overstrain your muscles even without your knowledge. Especially for those people who workout without a dignified plan, they end up doing over what their muscles can hold and this is the worst condition that they find themselves in.

It is not true that training too hard is what will give you positive results. Always know that overtraining will lead to exhaustion of the body and might go to n extent of causing massive levels of injury which is not healthy for your body. The problem is how to determine the right level of training and how far one can go without going to the extent of over training. This is simple because, the body has organs and senses and it is possible to control the exercises as per the level of fatigue the body experiences.

Always be cautious about overt training because it can easily lead to severe conditions and this is unhealthy body building. For one it causes it can affect the body’s nervous system in a very negative way and end up leading to failure is some failure of the body’s operation. This means that once you have over trained the muscles, the nerves gets over exhausted and this blurs their capability to control the body operation and ultimately cause poor health.

The overtraining also causes great it on the hormonal level of the body and this is usually in a very negative way and in the long run there is failure of normal production of hormones in the body. In addition to this, the effect goes up to a point of affecting the immune system and this is dangerous since it makes one susceptible to infections in the body and all these are ultimate causes of death.

The metabolic rate of the individual is also compromised therefore causing an alteration of digestion and distribution of relevant nutrients. When one over trains there is a high possibility that all the nutrients produced are used up, and this therefore needs one to use the stored up energy. In a way, the body has to slow the metabolism due to inadequate supply of nutrients and ultimately slowing down the growth and development of individual muscles.

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