NO-Xplode – Bloating And Irritation

no-xplode bloating and irritation

Q: I am taking NO-Xplode – for the last 2 weeks or so – and man, I’m getting bloated and getting abdominal pains. What gives?

A: You may be taking in too much to start. Any of the nitrous products can cause discomfort in large amounts. It can take up to 3 weeks to get used to it in your system. Remember, it’s also because of the delivery system. So, scale back on your doses and try eating a little carb with it. I mean like 15 grams – not much. Some guys also put carb drink mix in with NO-Xplode. If you go maximum dose, you can’t go away from the bathroom, so ease up on it and go slowly. Plus, it can get expensive if you try to do too much in a dose at one time.