Combating The Plateau Phase In Your Bodybuilding Training

plateau phase

The plateau is one which presents the bodybuilder with lots of frustration due to the sheer fact that the entire effort being put into the workout is not seen to be bearing fruit as was the case in the initial stages of the training. During this time the frustration of the bodybuilder can be appreciated since he or she can no longer feel the twitching effects that made the muscles wince and thus implying that there was actually activity directed toward the growing of the same. Regardless of the time and strength spent on performing the workout the individual will often walk out of the gym feeling just the same as he had when entering the facility.

The issue about the plateau stage has been adequately diagnosed to imply that the muscle of the body have become fully compliant with the present type of workout that they are being exposed to and have therefore grown to the maximum point that the workout can provide. Simply put, there is a need for a fresh and increased challenge if the muscles are to continue aching due to the overload. Indeed taking the muscles to overload in every workout is the recommended way of growing the muscles. The industry experts have studied the situation and determined that the bodybuilder will be better of altering the training pattern every two to three months if at all the disappointment of going through the plateau will be avoided.

The plateau stage is not brought about by the issue of training alone. This also has to do with the eating pattern that the individual has adopted. The body gains in size as you train it. That having been said you will no doubt understand that the requirement for additional food supply is imminent if the large frame is to be supported by the dietary intake. What this means in layman’s terms is simply that you have to add to the food amounts you provide to the body. This is also for the reason that you will need more protein so as to gain more muscle. The plateau stage can therefore be taken to be the wakeup call for any bodybuilder whose workout and diet regimen have become stagnated. It should not be viewed in a negative way. The individual should take this as a call for more motivation on his part as this will surely add to the success of his quest.

How then does a bodybuilder get about in trying to reinvigorate his career when the plateau hits? The first course of action has to do with altering the training pattern. If you were starting off with pushups then it is time to change and start with squats or any other workout that will stimulate the muscles. Add the weights that you were used to; make them heavier. As you do this do not overlook your feeding pattern. This has to be increased in tandem with the training. It is okay if you add several calories and also try to add variety in as far as the food sources are concerned.

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