Sunday, March 4, 2012

David Henry The Bodybuilder

Famous Bodybuilder David Henry

David Henry

About David Henry : David Henry (b.February 24, 1975 in Denver, Colorado) is an IFBB professional bodybuilder. At age 17, David started training with weights for his track & field events and competed his first bodybuilding competition, the Team Muscle Tech Challenge, where he won. His first NPC (National Physique Committee) competition was in the 2001 NPC Nationals, where he placed 11th in the middleweight division. His first IFBB competition was the Florida Pro Xtreme Challenge of 2004, where he placed 10th. His first Ironman Pro Invitational was in the same year, where he placed 6th. His first Arnold Classic was in 2005, where he placed 12th. He competed in his first Mr. Olympia later that year, where he placed 14th. David Henry is currently a member of the United States Air Force, where he holds the rank of Technical Sergeant (E-6).

David Henry Bodybuilder

David currently resides in Tucson, Arizona.

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