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Tom Platz The Golden Eagle

Famous Bodybuilder Tom Platz

Tom Platz

About Tom Platz : Thomas Steven Platz (born June 26, 1955 in Fort Sill, Oklahoma) is a retired professional bodybuilder. His nicknames are "The Golden Eagle" and "Quadzilla". Tom Platz began his competitive bodybuilding career in the 1973 Mr. Adonis competition.

He competed as an amateur until he won the 1978 World Amateur Championships middleweight division. In 1978 he moved to California; he arrived there with $50, a plane ticket, and a dream to win Mr. Olympia. For the following nine years Platz competed as a pro aiming for the most prestigious bodybuilding title there is, Mr. Olympia.

Though Platz never took first at the Olympia he had a string of top ten finishes, with a third position in 1981 being the best. Platz became famous for his remarkable leg development. He developed a high intensity, high volume method of leg training, which led to his unparalleled size and definition for his time.

Regardless of what was found lacking elsewhere, it is still widely claimed in bodybuilding circles that Platz holds the mark for the best legs in bodybuilding of his time and some of the best legs in bodybuilding ever. Flex readers agree: In a "best bodyparts of the 20th century" poll, Platz was deemed to have the best quads and hamstrings of all time.

Tom Platz Bodybuilder

Tom Platz retired from professional bodybuilding competition in 1987 and did a 'Comeback' in 1995 when he was awarded Honorary Mr. America. He still promotes the sport wholeheartedly. Tom says, "I just want to give back to the sport I love which has been really great to me." 

He played the part of "Body Builder" in the 1990 film Book of Love. His character portrayed the Charles Atlas-like character from those "tired of bullies kicking sand in your face and stealing your girlfriend" type of advertisements that were in a lot of comic books during the 50's and 60's. Tom Platz was and is one of the most sought after guest speakers in the world of bodybuilding, nutrition and general fitness. He is currently a Professor and Director of Bodybuilding Sciences at ISSA.

Tom has a Masters in Fitness Science, Bachelors in Science Physiology and Nutrition from Wayne State University and Michigan State University, and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of California. Platz now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, on the TPC golf course, and supplements his income working as a salesman at Airpark Chrysler Jeep.

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