Monday, March 19, 2018

120 Minutes Per Body Part

The following advice is For Advanced Bodybuilders Only

As bodybuilders solidify their adherence to the rules of bodybuilding, something starts to happen. They begin to succeed. They grow like they’ve never grown. Their strength reaches new level, and their bodies reach new sizes. Consistency delivers results. And as results begin to accumulate the body is suddenly able to handle new workloads, and must, in order to continue to grow.

There are two ways a body can be challenged in order to stimulate new growth- Training heavier and training longer. Training heavier is always the goal of beginner and intermediate bodybuilders. But as one reaches advanced levels of bodybuilding, the weights become more and more dangerous, and the body’s joints and tendons become more and more susceptible to injury. The alternative to heavier weights is to train longer – up to two hours per body part.

By definition, this is over training. If you have any element of your bodybuilding regimen unchecked, you will fail. Nutrition, rest, and supplementation need to be covered 100% or you are wasting your time. But if you are able to keep all factors completely in check – and increase them when warranted – you might be ready for 120 minute body part training.

Advanced Bodybuilders

For this example, we’ll examine a chest routine. Suppose you normally complete 4 sets for upper chest (incline bench press), 4 sets for lower/middle chest (flat dumbbell presses) and 4 sets for chest/delt tie-in (cable crossovers). You complete your workout in about 45 to 60 minutes. You will keep this workout, but add new movements to supplement the target areas. Your new workout would look like this:
  • 3 Sets Flat Bench Press (Warm-Up & Overall Chest)
  • 4 Sets Incline Bench Press (Upper Chest)
  • 4 Sets Incline Dumbbell Flies (Upper Chest)
  • 4 Sets Flat Dumbbell Press (Middle Chest)
  • 4 Sets Flat Dumbbell Flies (Middle And Outer Chest)
  • 3 Sets Decline Bench Press (Lower And Middle Chest)

At this point, you would take your ‘recharge’ break. If you’re done, go home. But if you have it in you to complete the 120-minute workout, eat a piece of fruit, stretch a bit, and complete the workout. Your weights will now be lighter and your rep sets higher (10 to 15 reps per set)

  • 3 Sets Weighted Chest Dips
  • 4 Sets Dumbbell Pullovers
  • 4 Sets Cable Crossovers
  • 5 To 10 Minutes Of Stretching

This workout is not for the faint of heart. You will be sore the next day. Initially, you may need a day off following this routine for the central nervous system (CNS) to recover. Each week, you should be able to add one more day like this to your training regimen until you’re doing 4 to 5 days of 120-minute routines.

Have your post workout nutrition ready ahead of time (whey shake with dextrose) and consume 15 minutes after training with cold water. Hit the showers. Drive home and tackles a very protein-rich, carb-rich meal. Spaghetti and meatballs will beat out a chicken salad any day after this routine. Training for 120 minutes per body part is only recommended for advanced athletes who have all nutritional, sleep, and supplementation bases covered. See if it’s right for you!

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Recipe To The Perfect Bodybuilding Nutrition Plan

Perfect Bodybuilding Nutrition Plan

It is wise to never think that by putting oneself in a type of muscle building food diet is such a painful process. Essentially, if ones goal is to lose fat or gain muscles, working to get a proper nutrition happens to be 80 percent in the whole exercise of bodybuilding. If a person has not yet grasped this then he/she could be along period away from a focal point of observing any result.

The wonderful news is that ones taste buds can be omitted from suffering if the owner does not really want them. This doesn’t mean that a person cannot get into a proper nutrition cycle while at the same time trying to keep affairs very interesting. If anybody has been having ideas that muscle gain really means suffering intensely via a can of tuna as well as pounding a protein shake as quickly as possible it then important for such people to really think it over again.

A good recipe will easily show how it is easy to eat quite right, as well as achieving ones bodybuilding goals as well as actually enjoying ones food in at the Same time.

A Nugget Diet
Protein nuggets are very popular to take with you to a gym to be consumed as a treat after ones work out or even as a treat taken in between meals. When one is trying to put in more weight, packing in calories helps much in weight gain; as such calorie packed foods comes in handy. Chocolate nuggets seem to have them all.

Intramuscular Buffer
In addition, there is another adaptation which is seen in hand with training of sprint is basically the modest buffering capacity in the bowels of the muscles. In times of glycoglysis most byproducts are in turn created such as the compound lactic acid. When these byproducts accumulate they cause extreme fatigue feelings inside the muscles and tissues.

Once the fatigue has set in it forces an individual to halt the exercising while in essence it could simply be said to be the end of ones workout.

After a period of time, buffering training helps one to increase his/her ability to better buffer the byproducts in that one could then be able to workout for long periods while at the same time maintain the developed training intensity.

In fact any time one is held between choosing a specific sprint training and a moderate cardio paced session which in normally lasts around 40 minutes it will be very wise to opt for a sprint session.

In particular, benefits to be accrued are quite numerous in which fat loss is sure to be raised a notch higher which is an added advantage. An individual should always bear in mind always the fact that for some of these benefits to be accrued sprints must be held within 20-40 seconds all in a rest and work ratio running in the neighborhoods of a ratio of about 1:2. This process must be repeated 6-8 times starting with a warm up of around five minutes as well as five minutes of cooling down.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

A Sneek Peek At Revolutionary Bodybuilding Exercises

A number of exercises have been recognized for the drastic ways in which they have contributed to a complete overhaul of bodybuilding as a sport. These exercises are an integral part that makes up a holistic bodybuilding program. It is not good to take for granted some important tidbits that matter most to us. Basic exercises have been around for so long that we tend to think that their usefulness has died. It hasn’t. Stretching exercises form the core of every bodybuilding routine.

Revolutionary Bodybuilding Exercises

The processes involved when doing each exercise are very important. They require to be mastered as early as possible. You need to learn all there is to learn about them. Use only the correct techniques and you are not going to regret it. If you fail to learn the easy things early enough, it is highly unlikely that you are going to endure the rough ride ahead. Some heavy weights are dangerous to handle.

Bear in mind that what you do now prepares you for more challenging tasks ahead. If you are unable to handle warm-up sessions with precision, are you going to handle the bench press without causing injury to yourself? The answer is most likely no. there is usually much more to learn in bodybuilding than meets the eye.

When you are doing upward movement exercises, maintenance of a parallel between the feet and legs is a fundamental bodybuilding principle. You also have to go out of your way to protect your shoulders using pads if circumstances decree that. Make sure you protect the shoulder while at the same time stressing it optimally through endurance training. Let the toes face straight ahead. Ensure that the knees are extended while the heels maintain their position in line with the step. When it comes to upward movement, let your toes be under pressure to move upwards.

Then let the torso be erect. Legs and feet have to be parallel and the knees have to maintain their extended position. Avoid locking the knees while pushing the entire body upwards.

When it comes to downward-movement, ensure that the heels have the freedom to lower and assume the starting position so as to make the body maintain a high level of dexterity. At this point you may choose to finish the set or repeat the whole procedure all over again. These steps represent just one among many exercises that have the ability to change the way routine exercises are handled. It is these exercises that enable the bodybuilder to learn about how to make basic changes bodily operating mechanisms.

It is amazing the number of benefits that one can get from stretching and warm-up exercises at the beginning and at the end of every routine. At the beginning, these exercises are crucial since they reduce the chances of the bodybuilder experiencing muscle cramps. At the end, they are important for ensuring that the bodybuilder is in touch with all parts of his body, something that helps him recover from the muscle tears that result from strength training.

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Abs Boards – The Best Thing For Working Abs?

Q:  Ab boards… I see some guys using them and some guys not using them, and the ones who use them seem to have better abs. Are ab boards the best thing for building abs?

A: Not necessarily. Truth is, ab workouts should focus on isolation. However you are able to achieve that isolation is what you ought to go with. Some people can really bear down on their abs on an abdominal board that has a slight foot elevation. But remember, you can lose isolative focus on anything – the floor, a board, or in some other crunch position. It’s all dependent upon motion that is unnecessarily into the mix. So ab boards, being narrow, often keep the mind visualizing staying balanced on the board while crunching, so crunching is often executed more carefully than it would be on the floor. There is less room for error, too, because the boards can rock from side to side. So keeping the core absolutely still, while isolating the abs, produces a much tighter effort; literally and figuratively.

abs boards

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Solutions For Muscle Mass Gaining Problems

muscle mass gaining

Do you have a tough time adding size to your physique? You lift heavy, sleep at least eight hours, and take good care of yourself. You follow a strict bodybuilding diet, opting for piles and piles of yellow rice, pasta, chicken breasts, and lean cuts of turkey. The problem is, despite all of your best efforts, you are just unable to consume enough calories to actually add weight to your frame.

Now, you could add the weight if you wanted to toss in 5 Twinkies and a whole lotta cinnamon rolls to your daily diet. However, this would obviously result in gastrointestinal distress, spiking insulin levels, loss of energy, and a nice spare tire on your waistline. Pass on the junk food, and consider beef instead. Here are a few reasons why it should be consumed daily by the bulking bodybuilder.


There’s a reason steak costs so much at fancy restaurants – it tastes great! Chicken, pork and turkey taste good, and eggs can taste nice when prepared correctly. But when it comes to taste, does anything really beat a mouth-watering steak? Beef rules the taste roost!

Protein profile

In terms of amino acid profiles, whey protein is the most complete protein. But beef is right behind it. If you’re looking for a food that can deliver the most muscle building aminos, choose whey. If you need high amino profiles coupled with required fats and higher calories, you should opt for beef.


Beef delivers a blend of protein and fat which is ideal for the 20- or 30-something bodybuilder trying to add mass to his frame. It provides lots of calories, essential fats, and muscle-building protein. Plus, the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that come with beef consumption are nothing to scoff at either!


This isn’t really a word, but it certainly defines why beef is preferable to chicken and turkey in particular. You can chew up an ounce of beef in about five seconds. The same ounce of chicken will take considerably longer. In a hobby such as bodybuilding which requires you to do a great deal of chewing, eliminating a few hundred repetitions each day can be a blessing. If you like to eat fast, then beef is your new best friend!

Variable delivery methods

You can obtain beef in dozens of forms, from hamburger and roast beef to steak and beef tips. These forms can be prepared using a variety of methods, from broiled to fried to grilled to roasted, and more. If you’re tired of the same cooking techniques, give beef a chance!

Widely available

You can grab a hamburger at any drive through in America. You can pick up a pack of roast beef in any deli or grocery store in the world. Beef is readily available when you need it, with or without being cooked. You can’t say the same things about eggs, a meal requiring a kitchen and frying pan (along with 15 minutes of prep time) to enjoy. Beef is fast, readily available, and it helps you to build muscle!

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Acute Injuries Depicting A Bodybuilder’s Nightmare

From aching body joints, stiff backbones to sore muscles, bodybuilders are always complaining of injuries and impairments that shadow their gym lives. Injuries are second to normalcy to any bodybuilder or athlete though more prevalent to those who are in full bodybuilding excursions, due to that psychological or physical stress that has been placed upon the body. Injuries cannot be just wished away and might cost one the gains one has labored, by missing work outs, lack of sleep as well as ending that promising career. It is thus paramount to be aware of the different injuries that one at a specific period in the order of training experience or be inflicted with.

Injuries are very widespread and a lot. Tendonitis is one type of injuries which reflects the inflammation of ones tendons which connect the body muscles to the bone. Strain is the overstretching or the over use of the body muscles and is one of the most common injuries. Another common injury is a sprain, which is the over-stretching of a ligament that connects two clear bones. Bursitis is also a common injury occurring on body’s bursa sack, the platform which serves more as a pad in between muscles and specific bones. In addition, avulsion represents the eventual tear of a specific muscle, along a typical junction occurring between a tendon and its muscle, while a contusion is a bruise that has been effected by an impact during the training process. A fracture is the breakage of bones or bone, which could be partial breakage, complete or simply from a compression.

The above are just injuries in their entirety, but there are common injuries that should be recognized by all bodybuilders. Neck injuries is a very common injury, which results from severe stresses being applied on the neck muscle and occur after a shoulder shrug or an acute squat. Also, pectoral tears are also types of injuries which are as a result of tearing or avulsion along the tendon which connects the pectoralis of the humerous. This injury is quite common among bodybuilders who abuse anabolic steroids. Any minor tear is very painful and might represent a minimal bruise. A full tear results in the balling of body muscles along the sternum, inhibiting a huge bruise.

On the other hand, the sprains or back strains are injuries manifested by an excruciating pain evident at the center ones lower back and along the tip of the gluteal muscles. They can also be manifested along the para-spinal muscles. Mostly, these injuries result from the lifting of much heavy weights or even a poor way in doing squats or the taxing dead-lifts. Knee stains or sprains are also afflicted by injuries that include a meniscal tear, ACL tears, patellar tendonitis or bursitis. They are well depicted by an incisive pain through the line of the joint on the knee, closer behind it or even below a knee cap running through the tendon of the patellar.

By understanding the injury menu, one can then strive to work out smart and even evade a painful honeymoon.

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Monday, January 22, 2018

The Importance Of Allowing Your Training Regimen To Evolve

We all start from about the same spot when it comes to lifting weights. True, our bodies are all built differently, and we all have different beginning muscle sizes, body types, body fat levels, and muscle insertions. But when it comes to being introduced to weights, and growing our training environments and knowledge, the evolution is usually the same.

It usually starts in middle school. Perhaps we played a sport, or maybe we didn’t. We begin to see differences in our bodies from our peers as we all enter puberty. It becomes obvious to us that some of us have better physique than others, and that appearance can be a major factor in social success. At this time, many girls begin cutting out certain foods to become skinny, or boys will begin doing crunches. Soon we are often exposed to the iron itself. Maybe an older brother has a weight set we can play along on. Perhaps the school has a weight room available as part of a physical education (PE) class. Whatever the introduction route, it is around ages 12 to 14 to most young men learn about the weight room for the first time.

From there, the paths begin to diverge. Any lifting before age 12 can be counter-productive to bone growth. Once that age threshold is crossed, however, the sky is the limit! Wise young men who are fortunate enough to have good dietary information input will increase their overall lifetime gains by bumping up their meat and milk consumption to allow the bodies to have access to these vital nutrients during these formative years. Growth hormone and testosterone are plentiful in the body at that age, and just about any form of training with the presence of protein will lead to growth.

As we finish high school, many of us will either enter the workforce, or find ourselves in college. If you continue your education, being able to train should be easy. Most schools have decent weight training facilities, and due to the amount of time you’ll be reading and studying, weight training and cardiovascular training works very well with this. If you’re going to be reading for an hour each day, it might as well take place on the treadmill where the increased oxygen flow might actually lead to more information retention. If you opt for full-time employment after high school, you should start training each day before or after work, and develop a lifelong habit.

In terms of equipment, it is imperative that you obtain access to professional quality training equipment if you want to keep making greater gains as time passes. The 90-pound sand weights with the Weider bench was fine when you were 14 years old. Once you turn 18, you need to either train at a professional facility or begin building your own home gym using professional piece of equipment. Craigslist can be a great resource for finding equipment at great prices.

Your training should follow these phases as well. Train methodically and carefully as a youth. In your twenties, you can break your powerlifting records and live for the numbers. Your thirties will see you begin to mold this mass into quality muscle as muscle maturity kicks in. For the forties and beyond, the name of the game is muscle and health maintenance. Continue evolving your equipment and training processes and you’ll have success for a lifetime!

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

High Impact Training Explained

high impact training
Q:  I have really been into HIT lately, but I am losing strength, overall, on it. Is this normal to start HIT training and find that the second workout with the same body part finds you weaker?

A: A lot of factors play into whether you feel weaker or not. Rest, food and recovery are key. So is water intake and pre-workout supplementation. Use creatine for pre-workouts, eat enough calories (though not right before you train because that can sap your strength too, believe it or not), and check to see that you’re not low in T3 levels (get a blood test) have Mononucleosis, or that you are sleep deprived. Your diet may be good, but it may also not be giving you the nutrients you need.  A lot of people think, “I’m taking in 4000 cals/day so I know I’m getting all my vitamins and minerals and other nutrients” but that’s not always the case. Take an animal type pack of vitamins daily that have ultra-intensity in mind. You’re using a LOT more than your girlfriend or mom and dad.  The other big thing is that I don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Write back to me and I can better assess your routine. You might be overdoing it and taking too little rest in between. That will surely sap your strength and actually, is probably the most obvious answer.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Extreme High Volume Training – 12 Workouts Per Week

extreme high volume training
High-volume training works wonders for some bodybuilders. Devoting 4 to 5 days per week to training, and spending 45 to 75 minutes in each session allows intermediate and advanced trainers to effectively stimulate each body part, while still allowing at least two full days for recovery. This is just about the ceiling that every bodybuilder should utilize when training, in terms of volume. However, there is a time when the bodybuilder needs to increase the volume even more. For times like this, we have the perfect workout for you!

This sort of training, over time, can lead to serious wear and tear on the muscles and tendons of the body. Even if you are an advanced bodybuilder who is chemically assisted, it’s still not likely you will be able to add size to your physique with a training regimen such as this one. Rather, this type of routine is designed for the advanced bodybuilder seeking to etch in detail as the show approaches.
Now that we have the warnings out of the way, proceed at your own risk! Here is the Extreme High Volume Training body part split.
  • AM routine: Chest (20 sets)
  • PM routine: Shoulders (12 sets) & Triceps (12 sets)
  • AM routine: Quadriceps (20 sets)
  • PM routine: Hamstrings (12 sets) & Calves (12 sets)
  • AM routine: Back (20 sets)
  • PM routine: Biceps (12 sets) & Forearms (8 sets)
  • AM routine: Chest (20 sets)
  • PM routine: Shoulders (12 sets) & Triceps (12 sets)
  • AM routine: Quadriceps (20 sets)
  • PM routine: Hamstrings (12 sets) & Calves (12 sets)
  • AM routine: Back (20 sets)
  • PM routine: Biceps (12 sets) & Forearms (8 sets)
  • REST
  • No weights, no cardio today
Cardio should be added to this routine as well. After all, this is definitely a pre-contest routine, designed to help in etching in detail. Cardio should be performed first thing in the morning upon rising, before a single calorie has been ingested. This will ensure that you are burning stored fat, as opposed to glycogen (sugar) present in the body. For elite athletes who are in decent shape, 30 minutes of morning cardio should suffice.

Care should be taken to preserve the immune system when facing a tough routine such as this. We grow and heal when we rest, and training 12 to 18 hours per week in this manner. If you significantly reduce your caloric consumption while at the same time increasing your workload in such an intense manner, it’s likely you will burn a great deal of muscle in a very short period of time, or come down with a cold or the flu due to your compromised immune function. Instead, it would be preferable to begin your transition from off-season to pre-contest by starting this training routine while engaging in your off-season diet. After you’ve trained in this manner for two weeks and have developed some sort of tolerance to the high volume, you will be in a better position to reduce calories and enter the dieting phase. As always, listen to your body. If you realize ahead of time that this is indeed too much training, and you’re only doing it to etch detail into the physique before a show, you should see good results!

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

World-class Bodybuilding Exercises For Resistance Training

resistance training
If you want to be serious in having a tone in your body and a tight abs, there are ways and procedures that need to be followed. And taking this step is not easy. You need to be patient, persistent, and determined to have the body you have always wanted. It is not a one day workout. Bodybuilding exercises take time, focus, and consistency. And after a couple of months of workout, you will then see what you are sweating for. It is important to understand and learn how to execute the proper form and basic safety rules for you not to get hurt and to end up injuring yourself.

One of effective bodybuilding exercises is the Resistance training. This training can play an important role in the development of self-confidence and body satisfaction by increasing strength, building, and toning muscles and increasing muscular endurance. It can also help maintain lean body mass. It will lower the risk of bone diseases and develop coordination and balance, and prevent injuries resulting weak muscles. Resistance band exercises are fast, enjoyable and can provide a great time in working out your body. You can also go for dumbbell exercises. These are great for they force you to control weight. When your weight is trained on a machine, the resistance is perfectly balanced for you. This type of exercises demand that you use smaller stabilizer muscles in every movement. This should be considered as a weight exercise which gives your muscle to control a larger range of motions as well as more freedom.

You can also use the stability exercise balls for bodybuilding exercises. It is an extra large inflatable orb designed to improved balance while targeting specific muscle groups. It is a versatile piece of fitness equipment though it looks may deceive you at first. When you are doing it right, it primarily increases muscle strength, flexibility, and balance. It is used for proper posture. The curve surface of the exercise ball is effective tool for improving muscle tone. Body weight exercises are what most travelers can do. It is kind of a little bit exercise while on travel. On the other hand, there are cardio exercises which contain some amazing resistance that you can do at home or at the gym. Instead of regular boring cardio with treadmills, do resistance cardio to burn more fat while achieving stronger muscles with more endurance.

These are just a few of bodybuilding exercises available for you to choose from. You have to be keen in choosing the right one for you which will work perfectly with your own needs.

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