Thursday, September 28, 2017

Understanding The Training Requirements Of Bodybuilders

training requirements

Bodybuilders are well admired for their best formed bodies that abound muscles shaping every contours of their physique. Bodybuilders work hard to achieve such shape. It does not happen over night but rather takes a lot of discipline to achieve and maintain such a physique. They actually use three main strategies to maximize muscle hypertrophy namely strength training through weights or elastic/hydraulic resistance, and adequate rest, including sleep and recuperation between workouts. A specialized nutrition, incorporating extra protein and supplements where necessary is also a key to having the figure they maintain. Let us take a closer look unto bodybuilding diet since eating is one activity where most people find so hard to employ discipline.

Bodybuilders are required with a specialized bodybuilding diet to attain high level of muscle growth and repair. Generally, bodybuilders should consume more calories than an average person having the same weight. This is to provide the protein and energy requirements needed to support their training and promote maximum increase muscle mass. In order to have more muscles and fewer fats, sub-maintenance level of food energy is combined with cardiovascular exercise . Although bodybuilders are to follow diet recommendations, the exact amount as well the ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats vary depending on their goals.

Specific attention to bodybuilding diet focuses on carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates give the body energy to deal with the stress of training and recovery. It also promotes release of insulin, a hormone which plays a vital role in muscle growth. Insulin enables glucose to enter and be consumed by the cells. Insulin also promotes protein synthesis inside the cells by carrying amino acids into it. Insulin has steroid-like effects in terms of muscle gains. To draw a clear pathway to the role of carbohydrates to increase muscle mass, understand this simple cascade. Carbohydrates promote release of insulin. Insulin is the key for cells to use up energy from glucose and enhance cell protein synthesis that leads to muscle growth.

Bodybuilding diet comprises 25-30% of protein per total calorie intake to achieve their goal of maintaining and improving their body composition. It is known that protein needs to be incorporated in the meal frequently throughout the day, especially during and after a workout, and before sleep. High protein sources are chicken, turkey, beef, pork, fish, eggs and dairy and some nuts, seeds, beans and lentils.

Bodybuilding diet requires total meals in a day to be given into 5 to 7 divided meals of roughly equal nutritional content eaten in regular intervals. This method is said to limit overindulging as well as increasing basal metabolic rate.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Heavy Weight Training Tips To Work Every Major Muscle Group

heavy weight training

“Everybody want to build bigger muscles – but don’t nobody want to lift no heavy-@$$ weight!” It’s not exactly the best grammatical example one can find why there aren’t a lot more muscle bound giants in most gyms in America. But 8-time Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman’s down-south drawled message is, for the most part, accurate. The gym is filled with people that want to build huge muscles. But how many of them, on a four times weekly basis, are willing to move the insane amount of iron required to transform a 160 pound bookworm into a 220-pound brick wall? Judging by the ratio of skinny twerps to muscle men in today’s gyms, and society in general, it appears the answer is quite obvious. Not a lot of people like to lift that heavy, heavy weight that is indeed required in order to build bigger muscles. Let’s examine how heavy weight training should be safely implemented for each of the major muscle groups of the body.

To build bigger muscles for the chest, one should stick with free weights, all the way. Actually, most of the heavy lifting you will do, will involve the use of free weights. Machines deliver some stressful resistance, but the lack of balance requirements mean your stabilizer muscles that control the ascent and descent of the weight won’t be called into play. This is why you will see top bodybuilders using plenty of incline bench press, and very rarely using the incline machine press. It just recruits far fewer muscle fibers. Flat and incline pressing with dumbbells and barbells work best for chest.

Building up the back muscles using heavy weights can be dangerous. Deadlifts are effective for packing slabs of meet onto the back and legs, but can lead to injury of the spinal discs. Always use a back brace on any back movement where the heavy weight requires your repetition range to be less than 8. In other words, if your rowing movement weight used is so light that you can complete 12 repetitions, you probably don’t need a back brace for protection. On the other hand, if you can knock out 4 repetitions before collapse, there’s a good chance the weight is so heavy that – while incredibly effective for adding muscles mass to your body and to build bigger muscles – it’s just not safe. Use a back brace in these instances.

Leg day should involve a whole lot of weight, knee wraps, blood, sweat & tears! Squat, leg press, hack squat, and lunge until you can’t stand anymore – then wait 5 minutes and knock out 20 minutes of low-impact cardio. You want to add some slabs of beef to your thighs – this is how you do it!

Shoulders and arms days should follow the same pattern. Heavy biceps curls, skull crushers for triceps, and barbell and dumbbell presses are the keys to building up these muscle groups using heavy, heavy weight.

Lifting heavy is not enough, however. Be sure to eat heavy, sleep heavy, and supplement heavy – and then you will grow heavy as well!

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

10 Training Mistakes Every Bodybuilder Should Know About

training mistakes

Here are ten mistakes most every bodybuilder makes at some time in their careers.

1. Undertraining

Training too little should be an obvious indication that you’re never going to get the bodybuilding results you really want. You must push yourself, be determined, dedicated, and disciplined to work out substantially on a regular basis.

2. Overtraining

But if you push yourself too hard by either using weights that are much too heavy or by never taking a day of weight lifting off, you’ll definitely get injured. And this will set you back and make you mad with yourself.

3. Skipping Scheduled Workouts

If your routine is to lift hard four times a week and rest three, then stick to it for best results. Also, try to workout the same time each session and for the same amount of hours. Treat it like a job and think that if you miss a day’s work, you’ll also miss a day’s pay.

4. Eating Too Few Calories

You need to sufficiently feed yourself the right foods that provide enough calories or else your energy levels will severely diminish and you won’t be able to lift those heavy weights that you need to build the necessary muscle bulk you’re seeking.

5. Consuming Too Many Calories

Overeating will simply make you flabby and fat, even if it’s all protein. Stay within your calorie limit every single day.

6. Resisting Advice

When trainers or fellow bodybuilders tell you you’re either lifting too much, too little, or lifting the wrong way, don’t ignore them. If enough people say it, they have to be right. You could get seriously injured or not bulk up fast enough.

7. Taking Steroids

No on can tell you what to do here because you’re an adult. But you simply must consider the long term health implications that medical science has proven over and over again. Do you really want to take such a risk for the sport? It’s better to just train harder and smarter. You’ll eventually reach your bodybuilding goals without any drugs.

8. Not Including Cardio

To help shed extra pounds and fat and get really ripped faster, you simply have to incorporate cardio workouts into your routine most every day. Skipping them is a huge mistake. It’ll weaken your heart muscle as well.

9. Feeling Inferior

If you’re not making the progress you want at the rate you want, it’s easy to start not believing in yourself and thinking that every other bodybuilder is better than you. This isn’t true. It’s just your thoughts. Every bodybuilder develops his physique at a different pace. Your time will come. It just might take a little longer. Remain confident always.

10. Wanting Too Much Too Fast

This bodybuilding philosophy can cause serious injuries if you push too much with the weights. Think more long term and believe in yourself that you’ll eventually reach the majority of your bodybuilding goals if you simply work hard enough and stay injury free.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Training Secrets That Will Give You A Huge Chest

training chest

Many men struggle to get a bigger chest, but few know how to achieve this goal. Building a mammoth chest is easy once you know the secrets to getting fast results. For most men, weight training exercises only increase the chest size to a certain degree. If you are looking for above average results, there are some training tips that will rapidly take you to the next level.

When it comes to increasing the pecs, a comprehensive workout will take you far. The top, middle, and lower sections of the chest each need to be focused on. If you concentrate on performing compound chest exercises, you will achieve an enhanced overall result. Cover all the angles by switching between flat, incline, and decline bench presses. Substituting Flyes for presses optimizes a workout, because Flyes efficiently isolate the pec muscles.

Switching around your workout occasionally is also essential to building a huge chest. To encourage fast muscle growth, do exercises that include high reps with low weight and low reps with high weight. Do this every time you alternate your workouts. When you lift low weights, use extra control to amp up the power in your lifting. Adding an isolation exercise to your routine is a great way to change things up, and it boosts the effects of your workout.

Another way to speed up your pectoral development is to widen your grip when using barbells or pulleys. A wide grip increases the stretch in the pecs and uses more muscle fibers during a lift. You can also take the hardcore approach and train until your muscles feel as if they will fail. Do not push it to the point where your workout becomes ineffective, but use every ounce of energy you have to complete a few more power reps. A final method for achieving a large chest is to fully perform every exercise. Don’t let gravity take over by dropping the weights on the downward motion. Slowly lower the weight with full control, so you can get maximum results from the entire exercise.

While doing any type of weightlifting, it is important to avoid overtraining. Overtraining commonly occurs when men attempt to build the chest muscles too quickly. In order to make the most of your workout, do not overdo things. The number of repetitions and sets you perform do not need to be increased, and you do not need to add extra days to your workout schedule. If you follow these basic training secrets, you can have the gladiator-sized chest you have been wanting.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

5 Extreme Bodybuilding Training Tips

extreme bodybuilding
To build extreme muscle, you have to do everything extreme. You have to train with extreme intensity and extremely heavy weights. Your diet must be packed with protein and followed extremely well. Even your naps and nighttime sleeps need to be planned and executed with some extreme accuracy. Let’s dig deeper into the steps you can follow to build extreme muscle.

Train Extreme

When you’re in the weight room, training to your utmost ability needs to be the only thing in the world that matters. You shouldn’t be concerned with anything else. Not your family, not your job, your schooling, nor surfing with your cell phone. You need headphones with blaring music to help you tune out the world. Stick to that free weight area, training very heavy with compound movements. Don’t waste time, but don’t rush either. Every workout should last about 75 minutes, and you should be exhausted at the end of each training session.

Rest Extreme

After you kill yourself in the gym – go home and sleep for 90 minutes! That night, get in bed an hour early and doze whenever you see fit! Don’t try to squeeze too much into each of your days. A little rest and relaxation time each evening goes a long way toward lowering the stress chemicals of cortisol in your body, and allowing you to grow faster, stronger, and bigger. Rest is key – it is when your actual muscle growth, repair and recovery occur!

Eat Extreme

You should be eating six meals per day. Each meal should consist of at least 40 to 60 grams of protein, and contain at least two clean carbohydrate sources, such as pasta, rice or beans. Junk food isn’t welcome in your question to build extreme muscle, because it will disruption the digestion process and make you not ready for your next meal! If it tastes too good – spit it out! Got it?

Extreme Attention to Details!

Don’t overlook the little things which can lead to you short-circuiting your goal to build extreme muscle. Stress can spike your cortisol levels, resulting in plenty of lost muscle gain potential. Multivitamins and vitamins C, E, and B, as well as fish oil should be part of your daily diet. You should be drinking .75 to 1.0 gallons of water per day – and more when using supplements like creatine.

Anabolic Steroids use – Not so Extreme!

If you do choose to engage in the use of anabolic steroids in your routine, don’t go to the extreme with them. A moderate cycle of 600 mg per week of your chose ester of Testosterone will be more than enough to facilitate 10 to 15 pounds of muscle gain mass in 12 weeks. Anything higher and the negative side effects will put your health at risk.

Also, keep in mind that steroids are doubly more effective when used in conjunction with proper diet, nutrition and rest. And, you can triple your results and build extreme muscle even faster by following the extreme steps detailed above!

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Bodybuilding Training Tips: A Shot Of Realism

bodybuilding training tips

Build exercise muscle… which exercises are best for this? Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to answer that. Actually, that’s probably because we sure don’t see many buff rocket scientists, now do we? Most rocket scientists, with all their fame, fortune, and notoriety, still appear to be 115 pounds soaking wet in a white lab coat. But that is beside the point. To build exercise muscle you need to just plain out train hard. Harder than you currently train. Harder than most of the sissies in your gym. Harder than your coach screams at you. And definitely, you will want to train harder than what you see on pro bodybuilder DVD’s.

What’s that? But those are pro bodybuilders, you might say. They have the best physiques in the world. They out-train everybody, right? Sorry, Charlie. They have the best steroid regimens in the world. They possess the densest muscle bellies genetics can deliver. They have better muscle insertions and ‘lines’ than you can every hope to be reincarnated with. And above all, they do nothing but lift, eat, sleep, inject, and goof off most of their days. They live to grow. Their bodies are genetically blessed machines being fed the best drugs money can buy, supplied with plenty of protein from their supplement ‘deals’, and allowed to lift and rest 24/7. It’s a good life, and chances are, it’s not the life for you. So to build exercise muscle without living in that world, you need a shot of realism.

Do you need some further tips on how you can build up some muscle? Think outside the box. Train closer to home. When you drive 20 minutes to the gym, you’re going to miss a lot more days than if you live 3 minutes from it. Get a home gym, if at all feasible. Learn to cook. That’s not so hard, is it? Either you can pay $7 for five ounces of chicken from a drive through, or you can cook up five pounds of it for ten bucks. Do the math, genius. It makes much more sense to get off your tail, waddle your future Mr. Olympia backside to the kitchen, and cook plenty of the food your body needs to grow. And learn to hike already, will you? Cardio on the treadmill is so unoriginal. You can stare at that SportsCenter screen for only so long before you give up on cardio and your body fat levels careen of a cliff, crippling your totally lucrative guest posing career. Stay lean doing something you like. Hiking rocks.

And for Pete’s sake, find more ways of your own to get creative with delivering consistency to your training, diet, and supplementation. No more tuna pouches in the movie theater, deal? No more skipping your wedding rehearsal for calf day. No more ignoring your mother’s phone calls because “she totally makes me feel catabolic”. Grow up, grow some muscle, and have a great evening!

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Abdominal Training That Won’t Expand Your Waistline

abdominal training
Bodybuilding is the art of the illusion. The biggest man doesn’t always win. Rather, the man who looks the biggest, while displaying superior conditioning and presentation, usually wins. Very often, the most complete middleweight wins amateur shows, while the lankier heavyweight has to settle on his class win.

One of the most important illusions that bodybuilders can present onstage is the V-taper. Simply put, the V-taper is the illusion that occurs when the waist is narrow and the shoulders are wide. The upper body resembles a letter “V”. An effective V-taper makes the physique look more athletic, and makes the chest and thighs appear larger as well. To achieve a v-taper, one must work to ensure the waistline stays small in the off-season yet appears muscular on the bodybuilding stage.

Most bodybuilders know how to train the upper abdominals. Crunches are king, and always have been (at least since the sit-up became extinct). An interesting strategy employed by many bodybuilders is to avoid off-season upper abdominal training, opting only to train abs in the 6 to 8 weeks before a show. This allows the midsection to remain trim all year round (without the well-developed sheet of muscle underneath protruding) and still leaves enough time for the bodybuilder to shape them before the contest nears.

This region is under-developed on many bodybuilders. Partially covered by the posing trunks, many bodybuilders simply neglect the region. This is a mistake, as most bodybuilding shows are won not upon strong areas, but by who has the least weak areas. Lower abdominals should be occasionally trained in the off-season. The goal isn’t to have them fully developed all year, rather, to have a base of development there for full-out pre-contest abdominal training. The lower abdominals don’t receive as much secondary stimulation as the upper abdominals receive.

Heavy compound movements like squats and deadlifts have an amazing effect of adding mass all over the body. While this is very advantageous for those looking to add muscle mass to the frame, it can be frustrating to those looking to keep the waistline measurements down. Weigh your goals. If you determine the mass is already there and that the waistline reduction is more important, cut out heavy compound movements for a bit and allow the obliques to shrink. Remember, when you achieve a low level of body fat, they will display quite well. Smaller obliques equal a greater V-taper.

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Compound Exercises And Progressive Resistance Training

The whole essence of bodybuilding is for the bodybuilder to be able to apply proper form and technique when undertaking the weigh training exercises. This will help a person to stimulate the muscle to be able to grow. The two techniques which will help increase the tension in your muscles are compound exercises and progressive resistance training. The latter is where instead of lifting heavy weights from the beginning; you start with light weights as you progress towards lifting heavy weights.

compound exercises

Compound movements exercises on the other hand include techniques such as squats, press ups, chin ups and crunches. Compound movements training techniques are able to train more than one muscle group at the same time so you end up spending less time in the gym. Apart from using the right techniques you need to maintain proper form when training. When you use good form when training you are also able to prevent cheating. Cheating is where a person uses body movements to lift the weight instead of relying on the muscles to do the actual lifting. There are some rules you need to follow in order for you to train using proper form such as;

1. Ensure each work out induces a lot of tension

When training as a rule you are not supposed to release the tension when you are undertaking a particular set. You should therefore prevent the muscles from locking out so that you can be able to hold on to the tension. This is achieved through maintaining the tension all through a particular set and a very good example is when you are training using the bar bells. You can also maintain tension during a particular set by failing to pause at the top or bottom of a particular workout. These two approaches which will help you maintain the tension during the entire set. Your form is very important when it come to helping stimulate muscle growth than the amount of resistance you use during training.

2. You need to slow down the eccentric motions

When lifting weights the norm is to undertake the lifting motions with a cadence of 1-2 seconds. When lowering the weights the norm is to undertake the lowering motion with a cadence of 4-5 seconds. However when performing the eccentric phase or the lifting motion you need to take about 30 seconds so that you can be able to increase the stress induced on the muscles. This technique is called the super slow technique. The super slow technique can be adapted in various training techniques such as chin ups which will guarantee you fats muscle development. The eccentric phases are also referred to as the negative phase of a lift.

3. You need to slow down the concentric motion

When it comes to stimulating muscle growth slow motion concentric phase are more effective than slow motion eccentric phase. When you slow down the concentric motions your biceps especially will experience most of the tension leading to further growth and development. The concentric motions are also referred to as the positive movements.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

MMA Weight Training

Weight training can comprise a great many different strategies and concepts. Different people will lift weights with the intention of seeking different goals. Most people unknowingly will take part in a bodybuilding exercise program even though this is not the wisest option depending upon the reasons why one takes part in the weightlifting program. For example, a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) weight training program needs to be dramatically different from a bodybuilding one. But, what does a MMA weight training program entail? Let’s take a look…

mma weight training

First and foremost, a MMA fighter will need to stay within a particular weight class. That means he/she will not want to engage in a weightlifting regimen that will add to a massive increase in bulk. Yes, it is true that the excess cardio that a MMA fighter will perform will certainly aid in burning up the excess muscle mass, but the body will have limitations. That means you need to avoid bodybuilding muscle mass workouts when taking part in MMA weight training.

It is also best to avoid isolation exercises intended to develop symmetry in the muscles unless one is looking to rehab an injury. Isolation exercises for cosmetic purposes really have no place in a MMA workout. This is why they are best avoided. Instead, more effective strength training exercises are much preferable for MMA weight training sessions.

Strength training involves performing low repetition exercises with a high amount of weight. This will aid in developing a great deal of excellent muscle mass that is designed to handle strength related functions. Such muscle will certainly help boost one’s ability to use the developed strength is such a way that it can be employed effectively in the performance of a fight. That is why so many trainers promote such workouts to a great degree.

Plyometric MMA weight training exercises are certainly helpful as well. Such exercises are designed to promote strength and speed in motion. Utilizing these particular types of exercises are critical to get great boosts of energy when needed at a tough point in a match.

It is also a smart idea to intermix bodyweight training and kettle-bell workouts in the MMA weight training sessions that you select. These very specific exercises can deliver a tremendous benefit to those wishing to explore the enhancement of functional strength that such programs provide. Yes, in order for MMA weight training to be effective it needs to be quite comprehensive. Thankfully, there are scores of programs one could engage in when looking to develop solid muscle mass for MMA competitions.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Strength Training Weight Loss

The most common reason people join a gym is to lose weight. But many overlook the type of training that can achieve the fastest results. That type of training is strength training and is an integral part of a well-balanced fitness routine for weight loss.

strength training weight loss

In order to lose weight, you must simple burn more calories than you consume in order to create a deficit. The common misconception is that hours of cardio will result in weight loss. Maybe you will lose a little bit of weight this way, but it’s a waste of time to only do cardiovascular activity. Women especially are afraid of the weight room because they think they’ll get too big if they incorporate weights into their fitness routine. Another reason women shy away from the weights is because they just don’t know where to start. The truth is that a pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat. The more muscle you can build, the more efficient your body will be at burning calories. Thus, you’ll lose more weight.

The best way to lose weight is to combine strength training exercises with cardiovascular activity. The more calories burned will result in greater weight loss. Unlike cardio exercise which only burns calories while you’re performing the exercise, strength training builds muscle so when you’re at rest, calories are still being burned. Also, it’s important to not overlook the benefits of a healthy diet rich in protein. Eating right is essential for building muscle. If you do hours of training in the gym, but eat high calorie foods, you’ll never see results. Try to eat 5-6 small meals a day. Diet is half the battle in losing weight.

Now, you’re probably wondering how to start. Doing just body weight exercises is a great way to start a strength training routine. No extra weight is needed and you can slowly add weight as you become stronger. Some of the most popular strength training exercises for weight loss are squats, lunges, and push ups. These are all quite challenging without any extra weight and can be done in a small space and even at home.

Another reason to lift weights is because muscle also looks sexy. Because muscle is more compact than fat, those that strength train look leaner and more toned than those that only do cardio workouts. In addition to making you look good, strength training will increase your endurance, flexibility, and overall fitness level. Keep in mind that healthy weight loss consists of losing only 1 or 2 pounds a week. Those that want a quick fix will most likely end up putting the weight back on. Be patient with yourself and give your body time to adjust to a new routine.

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