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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How To Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Cardio Training

cardio training

Cardio is a very effective exercise for the heart and a very efficient way of loosing weight. However, hoe beneficial it will be to you depends on how well you will carry them out. Here are some tips from the pros themselves that will make those 20 minutes of cardio effective and worth the while.

If you are doing cardio in order for you to trim down, the first thing I would advice you to do is to do cardio in the morning. Glycogen levels are generally lower in the morning. This means that if you do cardio in the morning, your body will start mobilizing its fat for energy production. This energy that’s released will sustain you way after you have already done the cardio. As ironic as it may sound, getting tired after doing cardio in the morning will keep you more energized for the better part of your day. Exercising is also known to release the ‘feel good hormones’ and so cardio is a known natural stress reliever. Well, I guess now you know why people are told to take a walk when they are mad before they end up saying something really stupid.

Cardio in the morning is especially important to those who do cardio to lose weight. You see, when you exercise, your body first of all burn the food already present before it even thinks of touching your fat reservoirs. When you wake up, nearly all the food you ate the previous night has been digested already. Doing cardio at this time will purely burn fat and nothing else. If however you feel too weak to do cardio on empty stomach, you can take something very small to energize you a bit. By something very small I don’t mean a 5 course meal, take some natural juice o spike up your glucose level.

Before you start on your cardio, ensure that you have done stretches for at least 5 minutes. Stretch your quads, calves, hamstrings and the other muscle groups. You can opt not to stretch and nurse a lot of muscle soreness, it’s your call.

Vary your pace both in terms of cardio level and the workout in itself. If you are a beginner, start off easy and don’t try running for miles just because there’s a guy at the gym who can do it with his eyes closed! Start off gradually by let’s say taking a walk then increase your pace with every progressive session. During the actual cardio, start off slowly and then pick up the pace. Go first and when you get tired slow down a bit, do not stop. If you are running, you can do a very fast sprint for about 2 minutes then slow down to a jog and then repeat the sprint. If you find cardio to be boring then you need to first of all try and spice it up but if it’s still boring, get your head checked!

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Monday, January 30, 2017

How To Make Your Cardio Training More Enjoyable

cardio training

Let’s face it, cardiovascular exercise is one boring beast. When you’re in the pre-contest phase and you are absolutely required to put in the time if you want to get lean. Here are some ideas for passing that exercise time while getting things done or maintaining your sanity. For the sake of this list, we will make the assumption that you have access to a treadmill or stationary bike with a platform that will allow for the attachment of various items.


This is the easiest way to pass an hour of boring cardio. Turn on SportsCenter or MSNBC and spend 30 or 60 minutes catching up on the latest news that matters most to you. Or, put on a DVD and find out how the movie you fell asleep during last night actually ends!


Check your email, surf your favorite websites, and spend some time on the bodybuilding forums as you complete your daily cardio!

MP3 player

By far, music is the most popular way to pass time while training. Look at the row of cardio equipment at any gym, and there’s a good chance that 90% of the users will be sporting a subtle white wire from their I-Pod to their ear. Set up a playlist that keeps you motivated, or a dance/techno list that will allow you to take stride in beat with the music.

Learn a new language

Pimsleur and other firms offer excellent disks on learning a new language by reciting lines after a voice on a DVD recording. Buy the disks, rip them to mp3, and pick up Spanish, Chinese, French, or another language as you pedal away. The increased oxygen flow to your brain will ensure you learn the language that much faster!

Read a book

Whether you’re a college student cramming for a test, or just a regular Joe looking for a little time to spend with your guilty secret of reading mystery novels, the stationary bike or treadmill is a great place to lock out the world and let your mind enter its own special place. Or, pick up a copy of FLEX or Muscular Development and plan tomorrow’s workout or tonight’s dinner!

Play piano

For those with or without a bit of musical talent, strapping a small keyboard to the front of a treadmill or stationary bike might be a very wise move. Imagine being able to practice your scales, write songs, or just blow off some steam with some chords, while your legs pump away the unwanted body fat.


Okay, so the thought of reading while moving makes you a bit squeamish – that is okay. We don’t all have the stomach for it. What might be easier is an audiobook! You can order books on CD, or use Amazon’s new product known as the “Kindle 2” which actually reads many books to you. You can bump up the incline on your treadmill, close your eyes, and lean back as the book is read to you. It takes the thinking out of it, and allows you to enjoy the book without the nausea!

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Can Too Much Cardio Training Ruin Your Muscle Growth?

You can’t have too much of a good thing, right? Eh, this is not always true. Can you have too much money? Probably not. Can you do too much cardio? Yes, you can.

 Cardio is an integral part of the pre-contest formula. Along with diet, weight training, and supplementation (which may include the use of AAS), cardio helps you to shed unwanted body fat so that your muscles will be better displayed on-stage. Many bodybuilders, particularly those embarking upon a pre-contest diet for the first time, will not yet have a grasp upon how much cardio to complete each day in order to be ready for a show on a particular date. They’ll be 4, 6, or 8 weeks out and suddenly realize they’re either going to be ready too early, or not in time. Here are a few tips for timing your peak, in terms of cardiovascular training.

Cardio and Bodybuilding

If you’re right on track…
Don’t change a thing. You should be on pace to be just about lean enough, two weeks out from a show. This will allow you to time your water deprivation and carb-up just right in the week of the show. Many bodybuilders are seen pedaling like crazy on the exercise bike, the night before the show. This is the sign of a man who is going to look his best exactly one week AFTER the show. You want to prime up to a show, and depriving your body of glycogen just hours before a show is a terrible idea. Keep all of the factors constant, and keep plugging away!

If you’re getting too lean, too fast…
Add fats and some proteins to your diet. Keep the cardio consistent. You are likely not consuming enough calories. You may be blessed with a better metabolism than you think, or you may be reacting to the ECA (or Clen or whatever supplement you’re using) better than expected. Whatever the reason, you should understand it is important not to peak as early as 4 weeks from the show. This will result in your losing muscle in that last month as you try to keep your body fat low. Remember that the human body isn’t designed to sit around at 4% body fat for extended periods of time.

If you’re not lean enough…
You’re behind on your preparation, but it’s not time to panic. Lower your calories. You should already be completing one cardio session upon waking each morning, before you consume a single calorie, in a session length up to 45 minutes. Perhaps you need to add a second session in the evening, for up to 30 minutes. Many professional bodybuilders (utilizing professional level steroid stacks) will use 1+ hours of cardio, twice per day, but that is excessive for most people. Doing too much cardio will result in burning up your muscle, and will send your central nervous system into shock. If you do realize that peaking in time isn’t in the cards, you can always reschedule your show. It’s a better option than pedaling away all your hard-earned muscle, or walking on-stage in less-than-stellar condition!