Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Roland Dantes The Arnis Master

Famous Bodybuilder Roland Dantes
Roland Dantes
Rolando Dantes (June 15, 1944-March 16, 2009) was an actor, champion bodybuilder and Filipino martial artist who trained with Remy Presas for over 30 years.

He was born on June 15, 1943 in the Philippines.

He has also trained with other martial arts masters, such as Cacoy Canete and Edgar Sulite. He worked several years as a police officer before becoming an actor.

Roland Dantes Bodybuilder

He is one of the best-known Philippine actors. He has had leading roles in different films including "The Pacific Connection" and "Arnis: The Sticks Of Death." In addition, Dantes was a bodybuilder who won the "Mr. Philippines" title five times between 1969–1980 and placed in competitions for the titles "Mr. Universe" and "Mr. World".

Dantes died March 16, 2009. He was 67.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Gaétan D'Amours - Famous Bodybuilder

Famous Bodybuilder Gaétan D'Amours

Gaétan D'Amours

Gaetan D'Amours was awarded the title of Mr. Quebec in 1960, Mr. Canada in 1961, Mr. America also in 1961, and a 5th place as Mr. Universe in 1967. 

He had a bodybuilding studio for 50 years where he was a professor of physical education. He was also a believer in the Ben Weider food supplement products.

He died April 25, 2007 at the age of 74.)

Gaétan D'Amours Bodybuilder

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jay Cutler - The Arnold Classic Champion

Famous Bodybuilder Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler (born Jason Isaac Cutler August 3, 1973 in Sterling, Massachusetts) is an IFBB professional bodybuilder. He has won the title Mr. Olympia four times.

Cutler started working in his family's concrete construction business, Cutler Bros. Concrete, at the age of 11, and started training when he was 18 years old as a senior at Wachusett Regional High School. He graduated from Quinsigamond Community College in 1993 with a degree in criminal justice with the intent to work as a guard for a maximum security prison.

Cutler quickly excelled in bodybuilding, and took his first overall win in 1993 at the Iron Bodies Invitational. His first contest was the 1992 Gold's Gym Worcester Bodybuilding Championships, at which he took second place. He won consecutive Arnold Classic titles in 2002, 2003, and 2004, and placed 2nd to Ronnie Coleman in the Mr. Olympia four times before claiming the title in 2006.

Jay Cutler Bodybuilder

 However in 2001 at the Mr. Olympia he tested postitive for banned diuretics. He then hired an attorney, went to court, and got his 2nd place finish back. Cutler won the Olympia for a second consecutive year in 2007. Jay Cutler became the 3rd Mr.Olympia in history (along with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu) to reclaim the title, and the only Mr. Olympia in history to reclaim the title after having lost, returning on stage, and defeating the reigning champion Dexter Jackson in 2009.

In 2010, he went on to win his fourth Olympia title, defeating Phil Heath. He was inspired to enter bodybuilding after meeting personal trainer, Marcos Rodriguez. In 2011 Jay was runner up to Phil Heath in the Mr. Olympia Contest.

Cutler endorses MuscleTech supplements and has been featured on the cover of several fitness magazines such as Muscle and Fitness and Muscular Development. He currently lives in Las Vegas with his wife Kerry, and trains at several Gold's Gym locations in the area.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Brandon Curry Professional Bodybuilder

Famous Bodybuilder Brandon Curry

Brandon Curry
Brandon Curry (born October 19, 1982) is a U.S. professional bodybuilder who competes in the heavyweight class.

Curry was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. He first became interested in weight training when he received a pair of Hulk Hogan-branded dumbbells for his sixth birthday. Curry would later recall in a magazine interview that he was motivated by superhero action figure G.I. Joe and the Rocky and Rambo films to develop his body to its fullest muscular capacity.

As a child, Curry's parents enrolled him gymnastics classes, but he lost interest in the sport. Curry was involved in wrestling, track and field and football while he was a student at Hunters Lane Comprehensive High School in Nashville.

Curry attended Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where he majored in exercise bnn science. He initially played on the university's football team, but later left the team and switched his athletic focus to bodybuilding-related weight training.

Brandon Curry Bodybuilder

Initially competing in the light-heavyweight class, Curry won his first bodybuilding competition, the 2003 Supernatural Bodybuilding & On June 17, 2006, he came in second in the light-heavyweight division at the NPC Junior National Championships; the five-foot-seven Curry weighed 189 pounds for that event. The following year, with 28 additional pounds added to his frame, he moved up to the heavyweight division for the NPC USA Championships on July 28, 2007, where he finished second in his division.

On November 17, 2007, he came in second in the heavyweight division for that year's NPC National Championships.His Biggest success is in 2011 MR.olympia competitions where he stands 8th while first time coming to the olympia's Ring just above Roney Rockel and below Tony Freeman.

On July 25, 2008, Curry won both the heavyweight division and the overall of the NPC USA Championships, which secured him ranking as a professional bodybuilder.

Outside of bodybuilding, Curry works as a personal trainer. He divides his residency between Nashville and Oceanside, California.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Porter Cottrell the Bodybuilder

Famous Bodybuilder Porter Cottrell

Porter Cottrell

Porter Cottrell (born 1962, Louisville, Kentucky) is an IFBB American professional bodybuilder.

    * 1988 Junior Nationals - NPC, Overall Winner
    * 1988 Junior Nationals - NPC, Light-HeavyWeight, 1st
    * 1989 Nationals - NPC, Light-HeavyWeight, 3rd
    * 1991 Nationals - NPC, Light-HeavyWeight, 1st
    * 1992 Chicago Pro Invitational - IFBB, 1st
    * 1992 Grand Prix England - IFBB, 5th
    * 1992 Grand Prix Germany - IFBB, 4th
    * 1992 Grand Prix Holland - IFBB, 7th
    * 1992 Grand Prix Italy - IFBB, 5th
    * 1992 Niagara Falls Pro Invitational - IFBB, 1st
    * 1992 Night of Champions - IFBB, 2nd
    * 1992 Olympia - IFBB, 8th
    * 1993 Chicago Pro Invitational - IFBB, 1st
    * 1993 Night of Champions - IFBB, 1st
    * 1993 Pittsburgh Pro Invitational - IFBB, 1st
    * 1994 Arnold Classic - IFBB, 3rd
    * 1994 Grand Prix England - IFBB, 9th
    * 1994 Grand Prix Germany - IFBB, 7th
    * 1994 Grand Prix Spain - IFBB, 5th
    * 1994 Olympia - IFBB, 5th
    * 1994 San Jose Pro Invitational - IFBB, 2nd
    * 1996 Arnold Classic - IFBB, 8th
    * 1996 San Jose Pro Invitational - IFBB, 10th
    * 1998 Night of Champions - IFBB, 6th
    * 1998 San Francisco Pro Invitational - IFBB, 6th
    * 1998 Toronto Pro Invitational - IFBB, 4th
    * 1999 Night of Champions - IFBB, 9th
    * 1999 Toronto Pro Invitational - IFBB, 3rd

Porter Cottrell Bodybuilder

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ed Corney The Master Poser

Famous Bodybuilder Ed Corney

Ed Corney

Ed Corney (born November 9, 1933 in Hawaii) is an American former professional bodybuilder.

Ed Corney is a legendary bodybuilder from the Golden Age of bodybuilding and is widely regarded as the greatest poser that the sport has ever known. He has won the IFBB Mr. America, IFBB Universe, IFBB Masters Olympia 60+ (twice) and is a member of the IFBB Hall of Fame.

In 1950, he enlisted in the United States Coast Guard and, after serving in New York City, moved out to California. It was there that he met bodybuilder Millard Williamson, who encouraged him to begin weight training.

At 160 pounds and age 33 (which is a very late age to begin bodybuilding), Corney entered and won his first contest in 1967, the Mr. Fremont, held in Northern California. His wins the following year included Mr. Heart of California, Mr. Northern California and Mr. Golden West.

He continued to climb the bodybuilding ladder with impressive wins at the 1970 Iron Man, the 1971 AAU Mr. California, the 1971 IFBB Mr. USA, the 1972 IFBB Mr. America and the 1972 IFBB Mr. Universe that was held in Baghdad, Iraq.

Ed Corney Bodybuilder

Corney achieved even broader public recognition as a result of his appearance in both the book and movie versions of Pumping Iron. He was pictured on the cover of the book and on the posters for the movie. In the film we see him not only training alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger with an absolutely mind-numbing intensity, but also flowing flawlessly from one of his classic and unique poses to the next as Arnold comments, "Now that's what I call posing."

Corney's pioneering posing transitions distinguished him from his peers at the time, and his incredible stage performances are still revered and imitated to this day.

In 1994 Corney returned to competition. He won the 60+ division of the Masters Olympia in both 1994 and 1995, placed 11th overall in 1996 and took second in the 60+ division in 1997. He also competed in 1998 in the only Masters event ever to be held at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic.

Corney remains very active in the sport to this day. In 1999 he suffered a heart attack while undergoing shoulder replacement surgery. A blood thinning medication that was given to him to treat the heart attack caused him to suffer two strokes. After a short period in a coma and some time using a wheelchair, Corney fought his way back to health. The wheelchair is now gone, donated to a worthy local charity, and Corney is back at the gym seven days a week. He is a fixture at various annual bodybuilding events like the Mr. Olympia Expo and the Arnold Classic Expo, and he continues to counsel young athletes through personal training sessions near his Central California home and public lectures.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chris Cormier The Real Deal

Famous Bodybuilder Chris Cormier

Chris Cormier

Chris Cormier (born Broderick Christopher Cormier August 19, 1967 in Palm Springs, California) is an IFBB professional bodybuilder.

Cormier's first Mr. Olympia came in 1994, where he placed 6th. The same year he also participated in his first Arnold Classic and the Ironman Pro Invitational, where he placed 4th and 2nd respectively.

In 1995 he competed in his first Night of Champions tournament (now called The New York Pro), where he placed 6th. Chris has been featured in many fitness and bodybuilding magazines, including being featured on the cover of Muscular Development magazine.

Chris Cormier Bodybuilding

In mid-2006 Cormier was hospitalized with an infected spine, resulting from a bodybuilding-related injury before he was due to train with veteran English bodybuilder and ex Mr-Olympia, Dorian Yates. He has started his recovery, which includes extensive physiotherapy. He is presently living in Derry City, Ireland.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chris Cook Famous Bodybuilder

Famous Bodybuilder Chris Cook

Chris Cook Famous Bodybuilder

Chris Cook is an IFBB professional bodybuilder.

Chris Cook's first bodybuilding competition was in 1996, where he placed 1st in the heavy weight division and Overall in the NPC (National Physique Committee) Mr. Anchorage. His first IFBB event was in The New York Cup of 2005, where he placed 6th.

In 2006 he competed in the Arnold Classic and the Ironman Pro Invitational, both for the first time, and placed 15th and 10th respectively. Chris Cook has been featured in many fitness and bodybuilding articles, including being featured on the cover of FLEX magazine, Muscle and Fitness, MuscleMag International, and Muscular Development.

Chris Cook Bodybuilding

Height: 5'10

Off Season Weight: 295 lbs.

Competition Weight: 250 lbs.

Routine music 'The Blonde Bomber' mixed by David 'KrusH' Wilmore , who also provided music mixes for Kelly Ryan, Craig Titus, Melvin Anthony and Chris Cormier.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Franco Columbu - The Sardinian Bodybuilder

Famous Bodybuilder Franco Columbu
Franco Columbu

Franco Columbu (born August 7, 1941) is an Italian actor, former bodybuilder and World's Strongest Man competitor.

Columbu was born in Ollolai, Sardinia (Italy). Starting out his athletic career as a boxer, Columbu progressed into the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, powerlifting and later bodybuilding, winning the title of Mr. Olympia in 1976 and 1981. At 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m) in height (some magazines reported as short as 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 m)), Columbu is shorter than most of his bodybuilding competitors, but that did not prevent him from achieving widespread success.

Columbu competed in the 1977 World's Strongest Man competition and was actually in first place in total points during the competition; a remarkable outing, considering that Franco weighed much less than all his competitors. Then came the refrigerator race, which called for a downhill race in which a heavy, bulky, unwieldy refrigerator is strapped to the racer's back.

While actually ahead, Franco stumbled, and was shown on national television collapsing with a grotesquely dislocated leg. This ended his participation in the World's Strongest Man contest (in the end, he finished in fifth place). After a court settlement, he received a reported $1 million in compensation for his injury. It took six hours of surgery to remove all the muscle and fix his leg.

Doctors told him he would never walk again, but Columbu fully recovered in three years. After Arnold Schwarzenegger's comeback victory in the 1980 Mr. Olympia, Franco followed suit and won the 1981 Mr. Olympia.

Columbu is a long time friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom he met in Munich in 1965 and against whom he competed in several international-level bodybuilding competitions. For the Mr. Olympia competitions however, he competed in the under 200 lb (90.7 kg) category, whereas Schwarzenegger was in the over 200 lb category.

The final champion was determined by a pose down between the two class winners. The IFBB has since abandoned weight classes. Arnold and Franco were inseparable during the early to mid-1970s and frequently trained together. Columbu served as the best man at the wedding of Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver in 1986. Columbu and Schwarzenegger had been encouraged to come to America by bodybuilding guru Joe Weider in 1969; Weider sponsored them with an $80/week stipend and the two European bodybuilders began a bricklaying and patio business called European Brick Works in 1969, according to a report in The New York Times.

From the time he arrived in America in 1969, Franco Columbu was considered one of the world's strongest men. He held a number of powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting world records. He also performed a strongman act in which he routinely blew up a hot water bottle by inflating it orally, lifted vehicles on stage (while someone else was changing a tire) and deadlifted over 700 lbs for repetitions. He designed a comprehensive workout for men in 1988 to flatten the stomach, narrow the waist, and eliminate love handles. He is both a chiropractor and a weightlifter and his career parallels that of American weightlifting champion Karyn Marshall, who has used chiropractic therapy to train for competitions and who became a chiropractor herself.
Franco Columbu Bodybuilding

In addition to his athletic accomplishments, Columbu has also made intermittent minor forays into acting. Appearing alongside Arnold in Pumping Iron, he has also appeared in cameo roles in Conan the Barbarian, The Terminator, The Running Man and starred in his own films such as Beretta's Island. He has also done TV commercials, most notably, Vitalis ("the pump"). Other TV appearances include The Streets of San Francisco (1977) and Dead Lift with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Last Action Hero, the words "A Franco Columbu film" appear on the screen at the beginning of Jack Slater IV (a film within the film) as a tribute to Columbu. In the opening scenes of Conan the Barbarian, Columbu plays a 'pictish scout', complete with mustache, wig and blue body-paint. In The Terminator, Columbu plays the infiltrating Terminator in Reese's flashback/dream in which the picture of Sarah Connor is destroyed by fire. The Columbu Terminator also features as a boss character in the Terminator 3 video game.

Colombu is a qualified chiropractor and, in spite of being ordered in 2004 by the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners to stop claiming on his letterhead that he has a Ph.D. in nutrition, he still claims to hold the degree, even though the degree from Donsbach University is considered bogus.

In Feb. 2006 Columbu was appointed to the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in what was later described as a "coup". He currently sits on the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ronnie Coleman - The Big Ron

Famous Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman
Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Dean "Big Ron" Coleman (born May 13, 1964 in Bastrop, Louisiana) is an American professional bodybuilder who holds the record of eight straight wins as Mr. Olympia, a record career total that he shares with Lee Haney.

Alongside his eight Mr. Olympia wins as a professional bodybuilder, Coleman holds the record for most wins as an IFBB professional with 26. He broke the previous record (held by Vince Taylor at 22 wins) in Moscow on November 5, 2004.

Ronnie Coleman graduated cum laude from Grambling State University (GSU) in 1986 with a B.S degree in accounting. While attending Grambling State University Coleman also played football as a middle linebacker with the GSU Tigers under famous coach Eddie Robinson. After graduation, Coleman became a police officer in Arlington, Texas.

Being a police officer allowed Coleman the free time he needed to work out. Coleman's fellow officer "Gustavo Arlotta" suggested he attend a gym known as Metroflex. The owner of the gym was Brian Dobson, who happened to also be an amateur bodybuilder, offered Coleman a free lifetime membership to Metroflex if he would allow him to train Coleman for the upcoming Mr. Texas bodybuilding competition that year.

After the training for the upcoming event of Mr. Texas, Coleman won first place in both the heavy weight and overall categories. He also defeated the man that trained him, Dobson.

Coleman won his first competition as a professional—the Canada Pro Cup in 1995. The following year he won the contest again. Followed by a first place win in 1997, The Russian Grand Prix.

Coleman's success as a professional bodybuilder has led to many product endorsements and other opportunities in his career. Due to his bodybuilding profession Coleman undergoes a lot of travel to places such as China, Brazil, and Australia. Coleman also makes many guest appearances at gym openings all around the U.S.

Coleman has also made some training videos. His first training video: The Unbelievable; The Cost of Redemption; and On the Road. In these videos Coleman gives tips for more experienced weightlifters, while warning against over exertion and improper form.

Ronnie Coleman the Bodybuilder

When working out, Coleman prefers to use free weights rather than machines in order to maximize his flexibility and range of motion. He lifts weights four days per week, having cut down due to touring the world and cutting down on competitive events.

Coleman supports the Inner City Games, an organization that Arnold Schwarzenegger co-founded in 1991. He was the recipient of the 2001 Admiral in the Texas Navy Certificate Award from Texas Governor Rick Perry for outstanding achievements in bodybuilding and for the promotion of physical fitness.

On June 30, 2009 on MuscleSport Radio, Coleman stated that he would compete in the 2010 Mr. Olympia competition. Coleman also indicated that he would not participate in the 2009 Mr. Olympia competition for lack of preparation time. On October 10, 2009 at the Northern Territory Fitness & Bodybuilding Titles in Darwin, Australia, Coleman confirmed that he would compete in the 2010 Mr. Olympia competition, however, he did not appear at the 2010 Mr. Olympia competition.

Ronnie Coleman was married for the first time at the age of 43 to Rouaida Christine Achkar in December 2007. He also has two daughters, Jamilleah and Valencia Daniel, and three young children from another relationship. Coleman is a Christian.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Boyer Coe Bodybuilding

Famous Bodybuilder Boyer Coe

Boyer Coe

Boyer Coe (born August 18, 1946 in Lake Charles, Louisiana) is an American former professional bodybuilder.

Coe is the only contestant to achieve a perfect score in the World Bodybuilding Championships

Coe won much acclaim for his accomplishments during his competitive career. In March 1981 at Atlantic City, NJ, he won the World Cup Bodybuilding Championship, the only competitor to receive a perfect score.

Coe's competition success includes the 1965 Mr. Texas 1st; 1965 Mr. Dallas 1st; 1969 Mr. America 1st; 1972 NABBA Mr. Universe Pro 2nd (under 5'9"); 1981 World Inv Cup 1st; 1981 Grand Prix Belgium 1st; 1981 Grand Prix Wales 1st; 1981 Grand Prix World 1st; 1982 Grand Prix Montreal 1st; 1994 Masters Olympia 3rd; 1995 Masters Olympia 10th.

Boyer Coe the Bodybuilder

Coe was 14 years of age when be first started training at the Lake Charles Gym. At the age of 15, he prophesied that he would someday become Mr. America, a dream that eventually came true. When Boyer went to college in Lafayette, Louisiana he began to train, and subsequently work, at Red Lerille's gym. Coe continued to train at Red's gym for a total of 14 years until he opened a gym of his own in New Orleans.

Coe enjoyed a very successful career in the sport, winning four pro shows in 1981 alone. He was inducted into the Joe Weider IFBB Hall of Fame in 2007.

Boyer is now retired from the sport and living in Southern California.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bob Cicherillo Growing Muscles

Famous Bodybuilder Bob Cicherillo

Bob Cicherillo

Bob Cicherillo is an IFBB professional bodybuilder.

First bodybuilding competition was the 1981 Natural America, where he placed 4th in the teen tall class. His first NPC (National Physique Committee) event was the 1987 NPC Junior Nationals, where he won in the heavyweight class division.

His first IFBB event was the IFBB North American championships, where he placed 4th. His first IFBB Night of Champions was in 2001, where he placed 11th. His first Mr. Olympia came the following year in 2002, where he placed 17th.

Cicherillo is the co-host of the radio show and podcast Pro Bodybuilding Weekly with Dan Solomon, he recently left bodybuilding.com and joined BSN. He qualified for the 2006 Olympia by winning the 2006 Masters in New York but elected not to compete instead serving as host/emcee of the various Olympia contests.

Bob Cicherillo Bodybuilding

Bob Cicherillo has been featured in many fitness and magazine articles, as well as being featured on the cover of FLEX magazine. He once appeared in the television sitcom Malcom in the Middle and is a regular contributor to the fitness website bodybuilding.com.

In addition, Cicherillo has appeared in an ESPN Sportscenter commercial with Stewart Scott, a music video for the band Smashmouth, and in the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, playing "Rory", a bodybuilder at Ben Stiller's gym. He is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mike Christian Bodybuilder

Famous Bodybuilder Mike Christian

Mike Christian :

Height: 6ft 1in

Weight: 226 lbs

Birthdate: Dec 5, 1955

Marital Status: Single

Home: Ohio, United States of America

Participated in the following shows:

1990 IFBB Olympia - 4th

1990 IFBB Arnold Classic And Internationals - 2nd

1989 IFBB Grand Prix Holland - 6th

1989 IFBB Grand Prix England - 4th

1989 IFBB Olympia - 6th

1989 IFBB Grand Prix Finland - 5th

1989 IFBB Grand Prix France - 2nd

1989 IFBB Grand Prix Germany - 1st

1989 IFBB Grand Prix Spain - 1st

1989 IFBB Grand Prix Sweden - 2nd

1988 IFBB Grand Prix US Pro - 1st

1988 IFBB World Pro - 1st

1987 IFBB Olympia - 4th

1987 IFBB Grand Prix France - 5th

1987 IFBB Grand Prix Germany - 3rd

1986 IFBB Olympia - 3rd

1986 IFBB World Pro - 2nd

1986 IFBB Los Angeles Pro - 2nd

1985 IFBB Olympia - 5th

1985 IFBB Night Of The Champions - 4th

1984 NPC Nationals - 1st

1984 IFBB World Amateur Championships - 1st

1982 NPC USA Championships - 4th

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Darrem Charles Muscle Growing

Famous Bodybuilder Darrem Charles
Darrem Charles (born July 22, 1969 in Arouca, Trinidad) is an IFBB professional bodybuilder.

Darrem Charles' first competition was in 1989 when he competed in the IFBB World Amateur Championships, where he placed 5th in the light heavyweight division.  

Charles first competed in the IFBB Night of Champions in 1992, where he placed 11th.

He currently resides in Boca Raton, FL, where he works out at the BusyBody Fitness Center on Glades Rd. Charles appeared in volume 5 of DVD series 'Titans' and promises many more DVDs, the first one entitled 'The Art of Posing'.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Marcos Chacon The Bodybuilder

Famous Bodybuilder Marcos Chacon
Marcos Chacon
Marcos Chacon (born 1972 in Spain) is an IFBB professional bodybuilder.

Marcos Chacon his real name are Marcos Chacon Mcwenney. He is a famous Spanish bodybuilder. He won a lot of competitions around the world.

Marcos Chacon the Bodybuilder

 MR. Spain IFBB. MR. Granada. Marcos is a Granadaian native who went from amateur to pro, when he was discovered by Francisco del Yerro and received pro status in 2007. Silvio moved to Madrid at a young age.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Evan Centopani Muscle Develop

Famous Bodybuilder Evan Centopani

Evan Centopani

Evan Centopani (born Evan Michael Centopani on April 7, 1982 in Bridgeport, Connecticut) is an American professional bodybuilder who competes in the superheavyweight class. He is 5'11" tall.

Centopani was born in 1982 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. During his childhood, he was burdened with weight problems and reached 220 pounds by the time he was 12. At 13, he began a rigorous exercise program that resulted in the loss of 70 pounds within a year. Based on those results, he began focusing on weight training, which lead to his interest in bodybuilding.

During the course of his bodybuilding career, Centopani has consistently placed high in competition. In his first tournament, he won the heavyweight class and the overall title in the 2005 Bev Francis Atlantic States.

In 2006, he won the superheavyweight and overall titles in NPC Junior Nationals and second place in the superheavyweight class in the NPC National Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships.

Evan Centopani Bodybuilder

In 2007, he won the superheavyweight class and overall title for the NPC National Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships, where he earned his pro card.

On May 16, 2009, at his pro debut, Evan Centopani won first place at the New York Pro show at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center in New York.

In a February 8, 2010 interview with Shawn Ray on MD Radio, Centopani announced that he would be taking the 2010 season off, and that he would not compete again until the 2011 Arnold Classic.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mohammed Benaziza Bodybuilder

Famous Bodybuilder Mohammed Benaziza

Mohammed Benaziza

Mohammed Benaziza (1959 in Algeria – 4 October 1992, Netherlands) was a professional bodybuilder.

Mohammed Benaziza was a soccer player in his childhood in France and he started to work out, and in the same time play soccer. He finally chose Bodybuilding and then he started competing as an amateur in France. 

Then he won his first competition in Spain (under 75 kg-category) and after that he continued to win small prices until his first participation in The Night of Champions in 1990, which he won. On that occasion, he was nicknamed the KILLER OF GIANTS by JOE WEIDER ; Dorian Yates took second place on that occasion.

He continued his life like every bodybuilder in the world, like every year he participated in the famous Mr. Olympia championships and his last competition was the 1992 Mr. Olympia, where he placed 5th.

Mohammed Benaziza Bodybuilder

He did not take time off after the 1992 Mr. Olympia and he participated in a back-to-back competition in the Netherlands ; he was found dead in his hotel room at 6 PM on October 4, 1992, shortly after that competition .

It is reported that he had earlier complained of sickness and shortness of breath, but refused several times to go to a hospital. It is believed that the cause of his death is that he took an injection provided by an unidentified man to accelerate the process of his preparation shortly before the competition. His death led to the end of the career of his personal friend Steve Brisbois.

He was 33 years old and he was the star-spin of the new generation of BodyBuilders.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Samir Bannout Famous Bodybuilder

Famous Bodybuilder Samir Bannout
Samir Bannout

Samir Hassan Bannout (born November 7, 1955 in Beirut, Lebanon) is an IFBB professional bodybuilder.

Known as "the Lion of Lebanon", Samir Bannout won the Mr. Olympia title in 1983. At that time, only 6 men had held this most prestigious title since the contest was first introduced in 1965. Many of them, obviously, held the title for several years, Bannout won it just once, a distinction shared with Mr. Olympia Chris Dickerson and Mr Olympia Dexter Jackson.

Samir has appeared on the covers of many fitness and bodybuilding publications, including Strength and Health, MuscleMag International, Muscle Digest, Flex, Muscle Training Illustrated, Muscle and Fitness, Muscle Up, IronMan and Muscular Development magazines.

Samir Bannout first moved to Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. He competed at the amateur level and achieved IFBB pro status by winning his light-heavyweight class at the 1979 IFBB World Amateur Championships. 

By this time Samir had already relocated to Santa Monica, California. Bannout took 4th place at the 1982 Mr. Olympia contest and returned the following year to finally take home the title in 1983. The contest was held in Munich, Germany that year and the trophy awarded him is called a "Sandow" named after Eugen Sandow.

Samir Bannout Bodybuilding

The extreme muscular definition that Bannout was able to achieve in his lower back region helped to shape "Lebanon Cedar" when referring the shape made visible during a back pose on the competition stage.

After placing 6th at the 1984 Olympia, he was suspended for three years by the IFBB as punishment for his participation at the rival federation, WABBA's, World Championship competition.

Samir Bannout was never able to get a top six placing again at a Mr. Olympia contest despite competing at the event many more times. In 1990 he won his second IFBB pro show, the IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Invitational. His professional career lasted for 17 years.

Today Samir Bannout lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife Randa and three children Lea, Jesse, Sergio. He was inducted to the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2002.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Charles Atlas the Bodybuilder

Famous Bodybuilder Charles Atlas

Charles Atlas

Charles Atlas, born Angelo Siciliano (October 30, 1892, Acri, Italy – December 23, 1972, Long Beach, New York), was the developer of a bodybuilding method and its associated exercise program that was best known for a landmark advertising campaign featuring Atlas's name and likeness; it has been described as one of the longest-lasting and most memorable ad campaigns of all time.

According to Atlas, he trained himself to develop his body from that of a "scrawny weakling", eventually becoming the most popular muscleman of his day. He took the name "Charles Atlas" after a friend told him he resembled the statue of Atlas on top of a hotel in Coney Island and legally changed his name in 1922. His company, Charles Atlas Ltd., was founded in 1929 and, as of 2010, continues to market a fitness program for the "97-pound weakling" [44 kg]. The company is now owned by Jeffrey C. Hogue.

charles atlas bodybuilding

Born Angelo Siciliano in Acri, Calabria, Italy, in 1892, Angelino, as he was also called, moved to Brooklyn, New York, in 1905, took the name Charles, and became a leather worker. He tried many forms of exercise initially, using weights, pulley-style resistance, and gymnastic-style calisthenics. Atlas claimed they did not build his body. Atlas was inspired by other fitness and healthy nutrition advocates who preceded him; world-renowned strongman Eugen Sandow and Bernarr MacFadden (a major proponent of "Physical Culture").

As a youth, according to the story he always told, Siciliano had a bully kick sand into his face at a beach; at this time in his life, also according to the story, he weighed only 97 pounds (44 kg). Humiliated, the young Siciliano joined the YMCA and began to do numerous exercise routines, becoming obsessed with strength. According to several stories/claims while at the zoo and watching a lion stretch, he thought to himself, "Does this old gentleman have any barbells, any exercisers?...And it came over me....He's been pitting one muscle against another!" He concluded that lions and tigers became strong by pitting muscle against muscle.

charles atlas bodybuilder

In 1921, Bernarr MacFadden, publisher of the magazine Physical Culture, dubbed Siciliano "The World's Most Perfectly Developed Man" in a contest held in Madison Square Garden He soon took the role of strongman in the Coney Island Circus Side Show.

In 1922, the now-30-year-old Siciliano officially changed his name to Charles Atlas, as it sounded much more American. He met Dr. Frederick Tilney, a British homeopathic physician and course writer who was employed as publisher Bernarr MacFadden's "ideas man." Atlas and Tilney met through MacFadden, who was using Atlas as a model for a short movie entitled "The Road to Health." Atlas wrote a fitness course and then asked Tilney to edit the course. Tilney agreed and Atlas went into business in 1922. Tilney himself had an extensive background in weight training.

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